About Seven Handle Circus

“Ok, so we are not really a bluegrass band” says Seven Handle Circus’ lead banjo player Colin Vinson. “We have these instruments, these acoustic sounds, but we really just play whatever we want”.

Seven Handle Circus is a modern style of rock, played with energy, skill and folk instruments. Their bluegrass roots reveal themselves from time to time, but so does their classical training and their teenage punk rock days.

“A Seven Handle show is all about keeping it interesting, for the audience and for ourselves” says drummer Jeff Harrison. That’s right a drummer. How could this be a bluegrass band if there’s a drummer involved? “We like to go for a ride, play a lot of different stuff, jam a little bit, and sneak in some eclectic covers that the audience doesn’t expect, exactly where they lease expect them.”

“I think its about finding beauty in music, in whatever form, and packaging it up in the Seven Handle way in order to share it with the world” elaborates Shawn Spencer, guitarist for the band “And sometimes, it’s just about playing a little bluegrass.”

Shawn Spencer, Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter
Colin Vinson, Banjo, Vocals, Songwriter
Steve Bledsoe, Mandolin, Vocals
Richard Burroughs, Fiddle
Jeff Harrison, Drums
Troy Harris, Bass