Mumford & Sons Gives Seven Handle Circus a Shout Out.

By now you have heard about the crazy time we had at the Mumford and Sons show. (Thanks to Mumford & Sons for an Amazing Night). One of the best moments came halfway through the show. 7HC had split up and were watching the show from various parts of the theater when Marcus Mumford began telling the story of meeting the band. We all completely lost it. Richard, Colin, Matt, and Jeff were watching from the balcony and nearly broke their necks running down to the front of the Fox. (Only Jeff sustained minor injuries.)  Since the show we’ve all wished we had video of that moment.

On Thursday, a girl named Smita commented on our Facebook page letting us know she was our first fan in India. We asked her how she even found out about us. It turns out her friend had taken video of Mumford and Sons telling the crowd about our band and posted it on youtube.

Here’s the clip:

Note that Country Winston gets our name right but Marcus Mumford says We had to run to the back of the theater and quickly register to redirect to our web site before heading backstage.

So a big thanks to Smita and her friend. You made our day and it’s a pleasure to have you as fans. We hope to see you on our Bluegrass Takes India tour we have pencilled in our calendars for early-2013.

Here’s one more backstage photo:

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